Baron von Blubba
Bubble Bobble Plus! artwork
First appearance Bubble Bobble
Gender Male
Residence Cave of Monsters
Species Skeletal Beluga
Alternate form(s) Boss of Dark Shadow
Alternate names Skel-Monsta
Baron von Blubba, known as Skel-Monsta (すかるもんすた Sukaru Monsuta?) in Japan, is an enemy and recurring antagonist in the Bubble Bobble series. Baron von Blubba typically appears when the player takes too long to complete a level, showing up a few seconds after the "Hurry Up!" alert text appears. He is typically invincible, and will only stop attacking the player if they either complete the level or lose a life.


Appearance Edit

Baron von Blubba is a skeletal Beluga with pronounced teeth and red eyes. Certain games give his body a rough bony texture, with cracks on his upper head.

Personality Edit

Baron von Blubba's personality has not been shown in-depth, however, he appears to have a rather evil and manipulative disposition, orchestrating the kidnapping of Bub and Bob's girlfriends, as well as their parents. This is also shown in Rainbow Islands, where the Baron, as the Boss of Dark Shadow, kidnaps the villagers of the Rainbow Islands and transforms them into Bubble Dragons.

Abilities Edit

Baron von Blubba possesses several ghostly abilities, including teleportation and moving through walls. He is also impervious to Bub and Bob's bubbles in most games, not being able to be defeated by conventional means.

The Baron is seemingly able to wield magic, as well as change into different forms, this ability notably featuring in Rainbow Islands as Baron von Blubba's transformation into the Boss of Dark Shadow.


Bubble Bobble Edit

Baron von Blubba first appears in Bubble Bobble as an invincible enemy, appearing when the player takes too long to complete the level or touches the Gold Skull. He cannot be defeated through conventional means, and the player either has to lose a life or clear the level before he disappears.

In Rainbow Islands, the Baron is revealed to be the true villain behind the events of Bubble Bobble, ordering Grumple Grommit to kidnap Betty and Patty. This was directly referenced in the comic featured in the NES version of Bubble Bobble's manual, listing the Baron as the one who kidnapped Bub and Bob's friends instead of Grumple Grommit.

Rainbow Islands Edit

Baron von Blubba appears in Rainbow Islands as the Boss of Dark Shadow, initially appearing as a Bubble Dragon before transforming into a giant version of his original body. Smaller versions of him are fired by Belugas in the game's final level.

In the game's story, Baron von Blubba and his minions kidnap the people of the Rainbow Islands, transforming them into Bubble Dragons and dispersing his underlings throughout the various islands. Bubby and Bobby make their way through the various islands, collecting the seven Big Diamonds along the way in order to change the villagers back.

Upon being defeated by Bubby and Bobby, the Baron perishes his soul splitting into three parts. The monster commends the duo's strength, but reminds them that there are monsters just like him all over the world.

Parasol Stars Edit

While the Baron himself does not appear in Parasol Stars, his Boss of Dark Shadow form acts as the boss of the Rainbow Islands-themed world, Rainbow Star. One of the Skull Brothers appears if the player takes too long to complete a level, copying the Baron's behavior in Bubble Bobble.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 Edit

Despite perishing in Rainbow Islands, Baron von Blubba appears in Bubble Bobble Part 2, appearing in an identical role to his first appearance. This is likely due to the Japanese version of Bubble Bobble's story not considering the Baron a single entity, but a species of monsters.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 reveals that at the end of Rainbow Islands, the Baron's soul split into three pieces, each forming into one of the Skull Brothers. The Skull Brothers set out to take their revenge on Bub and Bob, kidnapping the brothers' friend, Judy.

In the North American manual for Bubble Bobble Part 2, Baron von Blubba is referred to as Sawbones.

Bubble Bobble Junior Edit

In Bubble Bobble Junior, Baron von Blubba once again acts identically to his appearances in the previous Bubble Bobble games, chasing down the player if they take too long to finish a level. The game's main antagonist and final boss, the demon king Great Skel, resembles a large, robed version of Baron von Blubba with limbs.

Bubble Symphony Edit

Baron von Blubba appears again as an invincible enemy in Bubble Symphony, chasing the four protagonists down inside the Storybook World.

Bust-A-Move Edit

Baron von Blubba appears only in the console version of Bust-A-Move, acting as the tenth and final opponent in the game's Vs. Mode.

Bubble Memories Edit

Baron von Blubba appears in Bubble Memories as an invincible enemy. The Super Dark Great Dragon's true form is also revealed to be a Mechanical version of the Baron.

Classic Bubble Bobble Edit

Baron von Blubba is once again an invincible enemy in Classic Bubble Bobble, behaving the same as his previous appearances.

Bubble Bobble: Old & New Edit

The Baron appears yet again in Bubble Bobble Old & New, however he looks quite different this time. He resembles a whale more closely, and looks much more skeletal.

Puzzle Bobble DS Edit

Baron von Blubba is an unlockable character in Puzzle Bobble DS. He lacks any skeletal features in this title, simply appearing as a white recolor of Beluga. The Baron is unlocked by clearing all levels in Classic Mode.

Bubble Bobble Revolution Edit

The Baron appears as a regular enemy in the last two worlds of Bubble Bobble Revolution. Unlike the other games in the series, the Baron can be trapped in a bubble and defeated like other enemies.

Bust-A-Move Deluxe Edit

While the Baron does not appear in the game himself, lanterns shaped like him appear on the sides of the screen.

Rainbow Islands Revolution Edit

Baron von Blubba once again appears as the true form of the Boss of Dark Shadow. The Baron also appears as an invincible enemy that appears when the timer runs out in this game, replacing the rising water from the original Rainbow Islands.

Bubble Bobble Double Shot Edit

BBDS BaronVonBlubbaScene

Baron von Blubba, scaring Bub, Bob, and Bubu in Bubble Bobble Double Shot.

Baron von Blubba appears as an invincible enemy in Bubble Bobble Double Shot yet again, and also as a boss. A giant version of him chases Bub, Bob and Bubu throughout the level, and the trio must flip switches with their corresponding color on it to escape him. After reaching the Chack'n Heart at the bottom, they can hit Baron von Blubba to defeat him.

Bubble Bobble Plus! Edit

Baron von Blubba appears acting the same as he does in Bubble Bobble, but also appears in the DLC Expert 1 level pack as a boss in his Rainbow Islands boss form. He chases Bub, Bob, Peb and Pab across the level, and can shoot multiple bolts of lightning out of his mouth. The four are given a Water Tonic to use to defeat him.

Other Appearances Edit

Pop'n Pop Edit

Baron von Blubba appears as Dreg's helper in Pop'n Pop. The Mechanical Baron from Bubble Memories, along with the Super Great Dark Dragon, also appears as the final boss.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Japanese story of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, Baron von Blubba is not portrayed as a single entity, but a species of monster known as Skel-Monsta. This would explain why he shows up in numerous games, such as Bubble Bobble Part 2, despite him supposedly being dead. The villain behind the events of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands is specifically referred to as the Super Skel-Monsta (すーぱーすかるもんすた Sūpā Sukaru Monsuta?), and appears only as the second form of the Boss of Dark Shadow. The English localizations of the games ignore this, considering the Super Skel-Monsta and the Skel-Monsta species to be the same character.


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