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Bubble Blaster

Bubble Blaster, as shown in Bubble Bobble Revolution.

Bubble Blaster (Japanese: ぜんさん Zen-San) is an enemy that appears in Bubble Bobble Revolution. Bubble Blasters are wind-up enemies with a golden top. They are related to Bubble Busters.


Bubble Blasters share many of the abilities of Bubble Busters. They can jump much higher and move much faster than Bubble Busters.


Bubble Bobble RevolutionEdit

Bubble Blasters appear in Bubble Bobble Revolution. They walk back and forth, jumping up at Bub, Bob, Rob, and Luv if they are above the Bubble Blaster. The boss of the Spare Parts Factory, Bubble Blaster Mech, is a mechanical Bubble Blaster piloted by a smaller Bubble Blaster.

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