Cloud Star is also known as Clouds World or Cloud World is the sixth world in Parasol Stars. Even high above the ground Chaostikhan prevails over all manner of flying devices - planes, helicopters, satellites - are on the rampage!

Bubby and Bobby must battle all manner of aerial assailants up here in the skies. A whole batch of new disciplines must be learnt in order to cope with the attacks from above and below. Planes, helicopter and satellites are all on the rampage.

Stage List Edit

World 6-1 Edit

World 6-2 Edit

World 6-3 Edit

World 6-4 Edit

World 6-5 Edit

World 6-6 Edit

World 6-7 Edit

Boss: Giant UFO

Secret Room 6 Edit

Item: Giant Coin (500)

Enemy List Edit

Enemy names in italics and parentheses are Amiga version.