Puzzle Bobble DS artwork
First appearance Bubble Bobble
Notable members King Coiley
Alternate names Banebou
Coiley, known as Banebou (ばねぼう Banebō?) in Japan, is a recurring enemy in the Bubble Bobble series. They have appeared in most games in the main Bubble Bobble series, and have occasionally appeared as a playable character in the Bust-A-Move series.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Coileys are orange creatures who possess a round body with a spring attached at the bottom. They have two arms, and appear to be wearing red boxing gloves. Coileys are usually shown with pink cheeks, and are often depicted scowling or looking angry.


Coileys do not appear to possess many special abilities. Their main form of movement is bouncing on the spring attached to their bodies, and are able to move rather quickly with this skill.


Bubble BobbleEdit

Coileys first appear as a common enemy in Bubble Bobble. They bounce across the level in an arc pattern, attempting to hit the player. Coileys are the only enemy in the game to not be replaced by a different type in the game's Super Mode. Two Giant Coileys appear on stage 48, carrying Betty and Patty to the bottom of the Cave of Monsters.

Rainbow IslandsEdit

Coileys make their second appearance in Rainbow Islands, appearing in the game's final world, Bubble Island. They behave similarly to their first appearance. Like the other enemies on Bubble Island, they are always in an angered state.

Parasol StarsEdit

Coileys make another appearance in Parasol Stars, appearing in the game's penultimate world, Bubble Star. They once again behave similarly to their Bubble Bobble appearance, but their bodies are now a more reddish hue.

Bubble Bobble Part 2Edit

Coileys reappear in Bubble Bobble Part 2. The behave similarly to their previous appearances, but have a slightly larger jumping radius and spin around when jumping.

In the manual for Bubble Bobble Part 2, Coileys are referred to as Apogo.

Bubble Bobble JuniorEdit

Coileys appear yet again in Bubble Bobble Junior, behaving similarly to their previous appearances. They are once again named "Apogo" in the game's manual. A giant Coiley (unofficially named King Coiley) appears as the boss of level 50 of the game.

Bubble SymphonyEdit

Coileys once again in Bubble Symphony, behaving very similarly to their previous appearances. Their boxing gloves are colored purple instead of red in this game.


A Coiley is the fifth opponent in the Vs. Mode of the console version of Bust-A-Move. They also appear in all versions of the game, trapped inside of orange bubbles.

Bubble MemoriesEdit

Coileys appear again in Bubble Memories, still behaving identically to most of their previous appearances. Giant Coileys appear on level 55, carrying the Cyan Potion.

Classic Bubble BobbleEdit

Coileys appear in Classic Bubble Bobble, looking and behaving identically to their appearance in Bubble Bobble Junior. The boss of the Jungle area is a giant Coiley named Cream.

Bust-A-Move MillenniumEdit

Coiley is a playable character in Bust-A-Move Millennium, and is one of the few characters not fought in the game's Story Mode.

Bubble Bobble: Old & NewEdit

Coileys recieve a minor redesign in Bubble Bobble: Old & New, like the rest of the game's character. They now have a bigger head and smaller eyes.

Puzzle Bobble PocketEdit

Coiley appears as a playable character in Puzzle Bobble Pocket, appearing alongside several other enemies from Bubble Bobble.

Puzzle Bobble DSEdit

Coiley is a playable character in Puzzle Bobble DS, alongside several other enemies from Bubble Bobble. Unlike most of the species' appearances, the Coiley in this game is depicted with a cheerful expression.

Bubble Bobble RevolutionEdit

Coileys appear once again in Bubble Bobble Revolution. The game's third boss, Coiley Mech, is a machine piloted by three Coileys.

In the North American release of Bubble Bobble Revolution, the Coiley Mech does not spawn due to a glitch, which prevents the player from continuing any further in the game. This issue does not occur in the other releases.

Rainbow Islands RevolutionEdit

Coileys appear in Rainbow Islands Revolution, once again appearing on Bubble Island. They reuse their sprites from Bubble Bobble Revolution in this game.

Bust-A-Move DeluxeEdit

Coiley appears as a playable character in Bust-A-Move Deluxe, appearing as one of the returning characters from Puzzle Bobble Pocket.

Bubble Bobble Double ShotEdit

BBDS CoileyScene

Coileys dancing around a garden in Bubble Bobble Double Shot.

Coiley appears again in Bubble Bobble Double Shot. The game's sixth boss is a Giant Coiley, who can shoot screws at the player.

Bubble Bobble Plus!Edit

Coileys appear again in Bubble Bobble Plus!. They once again act identically to their first appearance.

Bust-A-Move Plus!Edit

Coiley is the fifth enemy faced in the Vs. Mode of Bust-A-Move Plus!.

Bust-A-Move UniverseEdit

A Coiley appears in Bust-A-Move Universe as the boss of Ring Planet. It is shown guarding a captured purple Bubble Dragon.


  • In Europe, Coileys are known as Bonnie-Bo.


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