Combat Island (コンバットアイランド Konbatto Airando?) is the second island in Rainbow Islands. You probably won't find Combat Island to be a huge increase in difficulty over Insect Island. However, do expect enemies to be a bit more aggressive, and fire projectiles at you. It's still relatively easy to plan your effort to collect the small diamonds in order, but you can't waste as much time as you could on the first island. There are also stretches where it is impossible to jump and reach the next platform without using your rainbows to advance higher first.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description Bubble Bobble
Chopper RI Chopper Heli-Boh RIR Heli-Boh Choppers will remind you a lot of bees. However, they are a little less predictable, and change altitude more frequently. Hullaballoon
Airplane RI Airplane Bomby RIR Bomby Airplanes fly back and forth at one constant altitude, releasing bombs that drop straight down. Super Socket
Truck RI Truck Truck'n RIR Truck'n Trucks behave a lot like worms, except they are happy to drive over the edge of a platform, even when they aren't angry. Bubble Buster
Tank RI Tank Mammet RIR Mammet Tanks drive back and forth on their platforms, and they fire projectiles straight ahead of themselves. Incendo
Cannon RI Cannon Canno RIR Canno Cannons are similar to tanks, but instead of firing projectiles ahead, they launch bombs at an angle, which bounce around until they explode. Stoner
Soldier Bunker RISoldier RI Soldier Bunker Bunka RIRBunka Uncovered RIR Bunkan Bunker soldiers like to hide out in their boxes tossing out pairs of bombs at a time. If the bunker is destroyed, but not the soldier, the soldier will pursue you rapidly. Coiley

Stage ListEdit

Round 5Edit

40 seconds

Round 6Edit

40 seconds

Round 7Edit

100 seconds

Round 8Edit

60 seconds

The boss is Super Heli-Boh.

Secret Room 2 Edit

Red Pot 1: Permanent Double Rainbow

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Magical Island's music and enemies replacing Combat Island's music and enemies.

Taito NES/SMS VersionEdit

Large diamond dialogEdit

  • Girl: Thank you for helping me. I'll give you a big diamond for this
  • Bubby: What is your name?
  • Girl: Me? Sally. Will you do me a favor?
  • Bubby: Well... Yes. What is it?
  • Sally: I want you to find my grandfather who was kidnapped by an evil monster.
  • We were separated on the way here. Perhaps he was caught by the evil monster.
  • Bubby: Oh, I am sorry. I will help you! I will find your grandfather.
  • Sally: Promise?

Gallery Edit