Debblun Win Contest

Debblun, as shown in Bust-A-Move 3.

Debblun (Japanese: デブルン Debblun) is a character from Bust-A-Move 3. He is a dark green-colored Bubble Dragon who greatly resembles a larger version of Bub.

Abilities Edit

Debblun has been shown to use his weight in order to attack foes, as shown in his stage intro and in one of Jack's endings.

Appearances Edit

Bust-A-Move 3 Edit

Debblun appears in Bust-A-Move 3 as the penultimate opponent in Vs. Mode. He appears in an arcade game called Debble Bobble, a parody of Bubble Bobble. After defeating Debblun, it is revealed that he is actually Dreg in disguise.

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