Doh RI
Rainbow Islands sprite
First appearance Arkanoid
Rainbow Islands (Bubble Bobble series)
Alternate names Dominate Over Hour

Doh (ドー ?), fully named Dominate Over Hour (ダミネート・オーバー・アワー Daminēto Ōbā Awā?) is a recurring boss and the main antagonist in Arkanoid. He is a giant Moai-like head that shoots tiles. Doh has occasionally appeared in the eared in the Bubble Bobble series as a boss. 


Rainbow IslandsEdit

Doh first appears in the Bubble Bobble series as the boss of Doh's Island in Rainbow Islands. He shoots tiles down at Bubby and Bobby, who must avoid them and hit him with rainbows.

Parasol StarsEdit

Doh is an enemy in Parasol Stars, appearing in the Rainbow World level. He moves back and forth and shoots tiles.

Bubble Bobble Part 2Edit

Doh reappears as the third boss in Bubble Bobble Part 2. He has a body in this appearance. Bub must shoot him with bubbles to entrap the parts of his head and his body, and pop them to defeat Doh.

Rainbow Islands RevolutionEdit

Doh appears once again in Rainbow Islands Revolution. During the boss fight, the player must draw rainbows to bounce an orb at Doh to injure him.


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