Doh's Island (DOH'Sドーズ アイランド Dōzu Airando?) is the fifth island in Rainbow Islands. Doh appears at the top of the screen and remains stationary throughout the entire fight. Every so often, he fires a stream of spinning squares in your direction, which you can attack with your rainbows if you're fast enough. There are no platforms in the room. If you have one particular power-up, the book that gives you wings, this fight can be incredibly easy. if you don't have it, this fight can be incredibly hard. If you have the wings, all you need to do is fly up to his height, and attack and crush him with rainbows. If you don't have the wings, you'll have to generate platforms for yourself out of rainbows, and then attack him while you're high enough. Eventually, the rainbows will disappear, or you may jump on them and knock them down, and you'll have to repeat the process. If at all possible, make sure you have wings before you reach Doh. One surefire way to do this is to find the silver door on the fourth island and collect the giant book which gives you the wings permanently.

Enemy list Edit

There are all lesser monsters. These characters are taken straight from Taito's Arkanoid arcade game. They are particularly nasty, especially the diamonds which have a tendency to fall from above.

RI/RIR Description
Valion RI Valion These balls remain spheres and they ricochet off the surface of every platform that they strike.
Trisphere RI Trisphere The three colored balls bounce around the screen very much like the rotating cones.
Pyradok RI Pyradok The pyramids drift through the screen, winding their way aimlessly, and occasionally bumping into platforms.
Konerd RI Konerd These rotating cones move around the screen bouncing off surfaces and continuing on in another direction.
Obobo RI Obobo The objects that shift back and forth from a cube to a spheres bounce along the platforms in Bubblun's direction.

Stage List Edit

Round 17 Edit

60 seconds

Round 18 Edit

35 seconds

Round 19 Edit

20 seconds

Round 20 Edit

23 seconds

The boss is Doh from Arkanoid.

Secret Room 5 Edit

Originally there are two doors -- one leading to Dragon Island, the other to Magical Island. But of course Magical Island's not in this conversion, which is why instead you will find a Book of Continues for Continue availability after this island. Using the warp means you miss out on the big bonus at the end.

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Insect Island's enemies replacing Doh's Island.

Taito NES/SMS VersionEdit

Large diamond dialogEdit

  • Knight: I was on my way to destroy the evil monster and save the village people I was captured and now feel ashamed.
  • Bubby: Me too.
  • Knight: Oh you too? But I'm sure you can make it in the end. However, you must be very careful. It is said the evil monster uses magic to disguise himself.

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