Dragon Island is the seventh island in Rainbow Islands. This is the last visible island. Large numbers of enemies will appear and do their best to prevent you from rising to the top of each round. If you managed to collect the giant feather from behind the silver door in the previous island, you will find the security of the constantly circling fairy very comforting. However, it can sometimes interfere with your efforts to collect the small diamonds in order. If you don't have the protection of a fairy, stay alert and remove the enemies before they become too big of a threat. If you're good enough to make it to Round 28, you'll be rewarded with a stage that contains plenty of 10,000 point money bags just lying around on platforms for you to collect.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description
Slime RI Slime Slime RIR Slime Slimes race along the tops of platforms until they reach the edge, when they begin to slowly drop down to the next platform.
Ghoston RI Ghoston Ghoston RIR Ghoston White ghosts bounce off of various platforms and continuously ricochet until they are defeated.
Cyclops RI Cyclops Cyclop RIR Cyclops The cyclops walk back and forth along their platforms, and hurl maces across the screen.
Drake RI Drake Gargoyle RIR Gargoyle Dragons fly around the screen and through platforms. They pause during flight to breath fire at you.
Knight RI Knight Knight RIR Knight Silver knights hop around the screen, trying to bounce in your direction. They will bounce higher if you are above them.
Flame Knight RI Flame Knight Flame Knight RIR Flame Knight Gold knights steadfastly guard particular platforms, and shoot orbs of energy from the tips of their swords.
Goblin RI Goblin Goblin RIR Goblin Goblins bounce around like silver knights, but they bounce high all of the time.

Stage List Edit

Round 25 Edit

Round 26 Edit

Round 27 Edit

Round 28 Edit

The boss is Super Gargoyle.

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Toy Island's enemies replacing Dragon Island's enemies.

Gallery Edit

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