Gamble Star is also known as Casino World is the fifth world in Parasol Stars. Every devious device from the casinos is brought against you. One-armed bandits, playing cards, mounds of gold coins; even humble chessmen are making their move.

Oooh! A fiendish set up if ever there was one. Look at all those Narrow, narrow platforms, and look at these fiendish, scheming one-armed bandits. What's called for here is a hefty buildup of water droplets and a good old flush to sort them out.

Stage List Edit

World 5-1 Edit

World 5-2 Edit

World 5-3 Edit

World 5-4 Edit

World 5-5 Edit

World 5-6 Edit

World 5-7 Edit

Boss: Trojan Chariot

Secret Room 5 Edit

Enemy List Edit

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