Grumple Grommit
Grumple Grommit Plus

Bubble Bobble Plus! model
First appearance Bubble Bobble
Gender Male
Residence Cave of Monsters
Species Willy Whistle
Alternate names Super Drunk
Grumple Grommit, known as Super Drunk (すーぱーどらんく Sūpā Doranku?) in Japan, is a recurring antagonist in the Bubble Bobble series, first appearing as the final boss of Bubble Bobble. He is a giant Willy Whistle who lives on the 100th floor of the Cave of Monsters, kidnapping Betty and Patty under the orders of Baron von Blubba.


Appearance Edit

Grumple Grommit is an enormous Willy Whistle, clad in a green robe and wielding a large yellow cane. He has rosy cheeks, and wears red boots, similar to most of his species.

Personality Edit

Grumple Grommit's personality has not been established in-depth, but the tone of the messages he has written in the Secret Rooms in Bubble Bobble seem to show that he has an honorable disposition towards his opponents, going so far as to Bub and Bob tips on how to defeat him.

Bubble Symphony shows a more vengeful side of Grumple Grommit, with him swearing revenge on Bub, Bob, Cororon, and Kululun for his defeat in the original Bubble Bobble, working with Hyper Drunk to trap the four in the Storybook World.

Abilities Edit

Grumple Grommit's main form of attack is throwing empty bottles, being able to hurl out a numerous wave of them in the original Bubble Bobble. In Bubble Symphony, he is able to charge into the player, rushing towards them at high speed and ramming into them.

Aside from physical techniques, Grumple Grommit is said to wield magical powers, having obtained these abilities from fairies as a gift. One of his magical abilities involves transforming humans into Bubble Dragons, as referenced in early supplemental material. Despite all of his strength, Grumple Grommit has a major weakness to lightning, causing him to seal away the Thunder Tonic in a secret room in the Cave of Monsters.


Bubble Bobble Edit


Grumple Grommit's lair in Bubble Bobble.

Grumple Grommit acts as the final boss of Bubble Bobble, and the guard of Betty and Patty. Grumple Grommit moves around the room, throwing bottles at Bub and Bob. After being hit by enough Lightning Bubbles, Grumple Grommit is captured in a bubble, which Bub and Bob can pop.

Parasol Stars Edit

Grumple Grommit returns in Parasol Stars, as the boss of the Cave of Monsters level. Grumple Grommit behaves similar to how he does in Bubble Bobble. Bubby and Bobby can shock him by building up a Lightning Bubble on his parasol.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 Edit

Grumple Grommit himself does not appear in Bubble Bobble Part 2, although a robotic version of him appears before you fight the Skull Brothers. He behaves very similarly to his real counterpart, except he throws energy balls instead of bottles.

Bubble Symphony Edit

In Bubble Symphony, Grumple Grommit is the first boss. Appearing to have patched up his robe, Grumple Grommit acts exactly the same as he does in Bubble Bobble. A puppet version of Grumple Grommit appears on the last level, being controlled by Hyper Drunk.

Bust-A-Move Edit

Grumple Grommit is the final boss of the puzzle mode of Bust-A-Move. He appears on the 100th level, surrounded by Crystal Bubbles. Bub and Bob must shoot bubbles up at the Crystal Bubbles, which hurt Grumple Grommit when they are hit. Grumple Grommit can call up bubbles to block Bub and Bob's path to the Crystal Bubbles. After hitting the Crystal Bubbles enough, Grumple Grommit is defeated.

Bubble Bobble: Old & New Edit

Grumple Grommit once again appears in Bubble Bobble: Old & New in both modes: Old Mode, which is a port of the arcade version, and the graphically enhanced New Mode, as the final boss. In New Mode, Grumple Grommit recieves a radical redesign, including horns and a cape.

Bubble Bobble Plus! Edit

Grumple Grommit appears as the final boss in classic mode of Bubble Bobble Plus!, but is also referenced in the arrange mode. In the secret rooms, it is revealed Grumple Grommit obtained his magical powers from fairies, and that his heart is being used by the Dark Dragon to power himself. Grumple Grommit is also revealed to be at least 1,000 years old.

New Bust-A-Move Edit

Grumple Grommit is the main antagonist of New Bust-A-Move, as he is revealed to be the one who summoned the shadow creatures to the Rainbow Islands. He is not fought directly, but he is shown before the Shadow Dragon boss battle.

Other appearances Edit

Bubble Bobble for Kakao Edit

Grumple Grommit appears as a boss in the South Korea-exclusive mobile game Bubble Bobble for Kakao, and was added as part of the game's "Season 2" update.


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