Insect Island (インセクトアイランド Insekuto Airando?) is the first island in Rainbow Islands. You begin your adventure on Insect Island. The enemies on Insect Island often begin by minding their own business until they've been on the screen long enough to get angry at you. This gives you plenty of time to set them up in just the right way so that you can crush them with rainbows and earn small diamonds from them. Attack as many enemies as you can in order to power-up your rainbow creation abilities quickly.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description
Caterpillar RI Caterpillar Weepy RIR Weepy Worms pace back on forth on their platforms. They will drop over the sides when they get angry.
Bagworm RI Bagworm Minosuke RIR Minosuke Cocoons dangle from silk until they drop to a platform below. Then an angry worm awakens and climbs out of the cocoon.

Hives drop from the top of the screen. When they hit a platform, a pair of angry bees will escape and fly about.

Bee RI Bee Bunta RIR Bunta Bees float around the screen, with no particular aim. They speed up when they get angry, but they do not pursue Bubblun or Bobblun.
Spider RI Spider Kumonga RIR Kumonga Spiders hop back and forth, and they hop in Bubblun or Bobblun's direction. They can shoot webbing above them and climb up.
Beetle RI Beetle Nanabo RIR Nanabo At first, ladybugs are content to wander back and forth like worms. However, they get angry, they take fly and fly through platforms.
Crow RI Crow Kurobee RIR Kurobee Crows start off in eggs, and fly toward Bubblun and Bobblun. They don't fly continuously, stopping every so often. They get faster when angry.

Stage List Edit

Round 1Edit

Round 2Edit

Round 3Edit

Round 4Edit

The boss is Super Kumonga.

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Darius Island's music and enemies replacing Insect Island's music and enemies.

Taito NES/SMS VersionEdit

Large diamond dialogEdit

  • Bobby: Gosh I was caught by the enemy when I fell. Oh well.
  • Bubby: You're really a goof. I was worried.
  • Bobby: Sorry, But anyway I heard something good. If you collect the Diamonds in all seven colors, something wonderful will happen.
  • Bubby: What's the wonderful thing?
  • Bobby: I don't know!? I will go ahead and check. See You!

Gallery Edit

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