Bubble Memories sprite
First appearance Bust-A-Move 2
Gender Male
Residence Rainbow World
Alternate names Birugan

Kligan (きりがん Kirigan?) is a recurring boss in the Bubble Bobble series. He is a large boulder with crystals on his head and a moustache. Kligan is the second boss in Bubble Memories, and an opponent in Bust-A-Move 2.


Kligan can shoot boulders out of his mouth at his foes. He can also shoot rubble from his head.


Bust-A-Move 2Edit

Kligan is the seventh opponent encountered in the Story Mode of Bust-A-Move 2. He is fought on Enemy Mountain. In this appearance, he has buildings on his head instead of crystals. Before the match, Kligan startles Bub by crashing into the ground. In the Japanese version, he is known as Birugan (びるがん Birugan?).

Bubble MemoriesEdit

Kligan appears in Bubble Memories, as the boss of level 20. He shoots boulders at Bub and Bob. As he is hit, crystals fall off of his head. Once all the crystals are gone, he is immobilized in a bubble, which Bub and Bob must pop to defeat him.

Other appearances Edit

Pop'n PopEdit

Kligan appears as a boss in Pop'n Pop. He retains his appearance from Bust-A-Move 2.


  • Kligan's name change in Bubble Symphony may be due to the change of objects on his head. His Japanese name, which is pronounced Kirigan, may derive itself from the word "crystal". In his first appearance, Kligan has buildings on his head, which may cause the change from Birugan, since biru is a way to phonetically pronounce the first part of the English word "building" in Japanese.


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