Magical Island is the eighth island in Rainbow Islands. After having acquired all seven large diamonds, you are presented with the first of three new islands. Like the fifth island, all three of these islands are theme islands. This island is based upon The Fairyland Story, a game which was the spiritual precursor to Bubble Bobble. The game is represented by many of the enemies, as well as the background music. There's no sign of the main character Ptolemy, but every item, hidden or visible, is a 3000 point cake, reminiscent of Ptolemy's ability to transform enemies into cake. Despite the cosmetic changes, your strategy to complete this island should be no different than for the previous islands. Don't stop hunting for the seven small diamonds, as you need the mirrors found at the end of the next three islands in order to get the true good ending.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description
Orc RI Orc Orc RIR Orc Orcs bounce along various platforms, trying to get closer to Bubblun or Bobblun.
Wizard RI Wizard Wizard RIR Wizard Wizards pace back and forth on particular platforms, occasionally stopping to blast a wave of magic across the screen.
Cleric RI Cleric Cleric RIR Cleric Clerics float back and forth on clouds at certain heights, and summon small copies of themselves that ricochet off platforms. They also drop flames to the ground below. If you get too close to them, they attempt to escape by climbing higher.
Golem Bomber RI Golem Bomber Golem RIR Golem Similar to Orcs, Golems bounce from one platform to another. However, they may stop and toss two bombs out in either direction.
Specter Specter Wraith RIR Wraith Specters fly in straight directions, right through platforms in an effort to stop you.
Worm RI Worm Worm RIR Worm Worms fly up from the lower left or lower right corners, and arc upward through the screen before falling back down to the middle, ignoring all platforms along the way.

Stage List Edit

Round 29 Edit

Round 30 Edit

Round 31 Edit

Round 32 Edit

The boss is Horned.

Secret Room 8 Edit

Giant Coin: all hidden items become moneybags.

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Robot Island's enemies replacing Magical Island's enemies.

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