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The button which leads to the Miniroon Park feature.

Miniroon Park is a feature in Bust-A-Move Islands.

Players can build their own parks by rescuing creatures known as "Miniroons," which are smaller, simplistic versions of Bubble Dragons.

Rescuing MiniroonsEdit

In order to build parks, the player must save Miniroons by going on 

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Part of Bubblun's Miniroon Park.

Expaditions. These are sets of stages where normal Miniroons & special playable Miniroons can be found.

These stages are similar to the Chack'n rescue stages, except the Miniroon bubbles cannot be popped, they must be dropped instead.

These stages also introduce a new item, the Lightning Bubble G. These look like Rock Bubbles, but these can be dropped & used as normal Lightning Bubbles when thrown. 

Building ParksEdit

Aquiring assets to build parks depends on rescuing Miniroons, for each asset there is a required number of Miniroons you need to obtain them. Once an asset is build, the Miniroons used to build it will disappear. Miniroons can be reobtained by replaying the Expedition stages.

Many things can be added to Minoroon Park, like houses, trees, paths, fences and other miscelanious decorations. Also for each special Miniroon rescued there are bonus buildings.

Players can visit their friends' parks. Parks can be liked which will build up their reputation, in which the player will recieve coins.