Miss Chack'n (ミスちゃっくん Misu Chakkun?) is a minor recurring character in the Bubble Bobble series. She is Chack'n's wife, and appears in several games in the series, usually showing up alongside her husband.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Miss Chack'n appears practically identical to her husband, although she wears a red bow and has prominent eyelashes. Like Chack'n, she has a yellow body, blue wings, and red extendable legs.


Chack'n PopEdit

Ms. Chack'n first appears in the opening cutscene of Chack'n Pop, standing next to Chack'n, with Hearts appearing over the couple's heads. The Belugas and Stoners, jealous of the love between the two, steal the hearts, causing Miss Chack'n to ask Chack'n to retrieve the stolen symbols of their love. At the end of the game, she marries Chack'n, and appears in a wedding veil.

Bubble MemoriesEdit

Miss Chack'n does not appear in Bubble Memories herself, but the design of Level 35 of the game is based off of her sprite from Chack'n Pop.

Pop'n PopEdit

Miss Chack'n appears as an unlockable playable character in the console version of Pop'n Pop, exclusive to the second-player character in place of Chack'n. Like her husband, her helper is a Stoner, although Miss Chack'n's helper wears pink robes, as opposed to the white-colored ones that Stoners usually wear.