Monster Island (モンスターアイランド Monsutā Airando?) is the third island in Rainbow Islands. For many beginners, the third island represent a significant increase in difficulty. The enemies become a bit quicker and more aggressive, leaving you with less time to coordinate your attacks if you are trying to collect the small diamonds. The stretches where there are no platforms to jump on become longer, forcing you to use rainbows in order to advance. When in doubt, focus on your survival first and item collection second.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description Bubble Bobble
Bat RI Bat

Dracula Bat RI Dracula Bat

Bat RIR Bat

Vampire Bat RIR Vampire Bat

Bats home in on you and fly steadily toward you. They can fly right through platforms in order to reach you. Beluga
Werewolf RI Werewolf Wolfman RIR Wolfman Werewolves move as quickly as Frankensteins do, but they don't walk off platforms, and they occasionally stop to breath fire. Incendo
Frankenstein RI Frankenstein Franken RIR Franken Opposite of how Frankenstein is normally depicted, these Franks move quite fast. They're still not too smart, and walk off of any platform. Bubble Buster
Vampire RI Vampire Vampire RIR Dracula Vampires move a lot like the crows did on the first island. They move toward you and stop briefly before continuing their pursuit. Beluga
Skeleton RI Skeleton Dokuron RIR Dokuron Skeletons may remind you of the spiders on the first island. They hop around and move left or right according to where you are. Coiley
Ghost RI Ghost Specter RIR Specter The Grim Reapers ricochet off the various platforms, and occasionally drop flames which have the ability to destroy rainbows. Super Socket

Stage ListEdit

Round 9Edit

90 seconds

Round 10Edit

105 seconds

Round 11Edit

120 seconds

Round 12Edit

165 seconds

The boss is Super Dracula.

Secret Room 3 Edit

Yellow Pot: Permanent Fast Rainbow

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Dragon Island enemies replacing Monster Island.

Taito NES/SMS VersionEdit

Large diamond dialogEdit

  • Fangs: Ha-ha-ha-ha. I will bite your neck!
  • Bubby: Oh yeah? get a whiff of this!
  • Bubby took a piece of garlic from his pocket and started eating it. Bubby exhaled his smelly breath!
  • Fangs: Oh, it stinks!
  • He defeated Fangs
  • Then Fangs' appearance began to change! Oh my, Fangs was actually Bobby!
  • Bobby: Well I was caught again when I fell...did I bite your neck? I'm sorry. Instead, I will give you some information. I heard the dark evil monster lives at the bottom of the sea!
  • Bubby: But how do we get there? To tell the truth, I can't swim!
  • Bobby: I don't know! Perhaps we'll find out later, won't we!? I am leaving now. See you later!

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