One Man Band
One Man Band
First appearance Parasol stars
Appears in Parasol stars
Gender Male
Residence Musical star
Species Bass drum
Relatives Pianon and Acorden
One Man Band is the boss of Music World in Parasol Stars. It has a big drum labeled "KICK ME" with dancers on top.

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Parasol Stars Edit

Start off by leaping up the ledges to grab the Lightning Bottle before the odd drum/horn/cymbal/dancing figurine beast gets there, leaping over it to the ground below. Now the way to hurt him is to jump up the ledges he is moving away from, getting onto the top of the ledges, and hold the B Button and UP Charge up the lightning shots, releasing them in quick shot manner. Land 10 hits and the boss is toast, so collect all the great Items before getting hopped onto the next world!

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