Bubble Bobble Plus! artwork
First appearance Bubble Symphony (As Kululun)
Bubble Bobble Plus! (As Peb)
Gender Female
Residence Rainbow World
Species Bubble Dragon
Relatives Pab (Sister)
Alternate form(s) Betty
Alternate names Pebblun
Peb, known as Pebblun (ペブルン Peburun?) in Japan, and alternatively referred to as Kululun (クルルン Kururun?), is a major recurring character in the Bubble Bobble series. She is a yellow Bubble Dragon who is Bub's girlfriend. Peb wears a large bow on her head, much like her sister, Pab. Peb is portrayed as being very tender and shy, but also determined when one of her friends is in trouble. Her human form is named Betty.


Peb shares the basic ability of most Bubble Dragons to shoot bubbles. She can also jump on them to reach heights she could not access before. In Bubble Symphony, she can shoot bubbles much farther than the other characters.


Bubble SymphonyEdit

Although her human form, Betty, appeared in the original Bubble Bobble, Peb's dragon form appears in Bubble Symphony for the first time. She is referred to as Kululun (Japanese: クルルン Kululun) in this game. Her human form is renamed as Kulun (Japanese: クルン Kulun). Her bubbles fly the farthest out of all the characters.

Bubble Bobble Plus!Edit

Peb is the P3 character in Bubble Bobble Plus!. She sets out with Bub, Bob, and Pab to stop the Dark Dragon.

Puzzle Bobble Online (2011) Edit

Peb appears in Puzzle Bobble Online, sporting her color scheme from Bubble Symphony.

Bust-A-Move IslandsEdit

Peb appears in Bust-A-Move Islands, alongside Pab.


  • In the intro to Bubble Symphony, Kululun, along with the other playable characters, is stated to be a descendant of Bub and Bob from the first Bubble Bobble game. However, numerous Taito sources contradict Bubble Symphony's intro, stating that the characters in the game are the original Bub and Bob, and later games in the series state that Cororon and Kululun are Bub and Bob's girlfriends, making Peb and Kululun the same character.
    • Additionally, the Bubble Bobble collaboration event in the PlayStation 4 game Spelunker World explicitly refers to Peb and Pab as being the female characters from Bubble Symphony, and states that they are Bub and Bob's childhood friends.


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