Picard (ぴかーる Pikāru?) is a character who appears in Bust-A-Move 2. He is the fourth opponent encountered in the game's Vs. Mode.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Picard resembles a lightbulb, and wears a red garment with a lightning bolt on it around his body. He has blue limbs, and arms resembling wires or headphone jacks.

Abilities Edit

Not much is known about Picard's abilities, however, it is shown that he is able to use electric-based attacks, such as delivering large electric shocks to his opponents.


Bust-A-Move 2Edit

Picard is the fourth opponent in the Vs. Mode of Bust-A-Move 2, and is fought in Oysmi Town. Before the match, he delivers an electric shock to Bub. In the console version, he is a secret playable character in the game's Puzzle Mode.