Robot Island is the sixth island in Rainbow Islands. After passing through a theme island, you return to the rigorous and more demanding challenges that were present earlier. Robot Island may remind you quite a bit of Monster Island in that the enemies are fairly aggressive, and more determined to reach you. The quantity of enemies is a bit higher as well, as you'll rarely go far without seeing a couple appear. If you've managed to discover the giant special items behind the first four Silver Doors, you stand a very good chance against the tough opponents. Stick to the lessons you've learned in order to reach this stage in the game, and you should be able to survive.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description
Wrench RI Wrench Spannern RIR Spannern The wrenches spin around very quickly and ricochet off of every surface they encounter.
Nut RI Nut Nejibo RIR Nejibo At first, it seems like nuts simply roll off platforms and drop to the bottom. But once they're beneath you, they start to float back up to catch you.
Bolt RI Bolt Nutton RIR Nutton Bolts hop up and down like spiders and skeletons, trying to bounce in your direction.
Isaac'n RI Isaac'n Isaac'n RIR Isaac'n Robots pace back and forth on their platforms, stopping to fire rockets across the screen.

Detached robot heads float through the screen, trying to hunt you down. They fly a short distance, pause, and recalibrate their direction.

Robo RI Robo Borot RIR Borot There is little to distinguish between the two robot varieties, except that this version is a little faster and fires more frequently.

Stage List Edit

Round 21 Edit

Round 22 Edit

Round 23 Edit

Round 24 Edit

The boss is Super Isaac'n.

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Monster Island's enemies and music replacing Robot Island's enemies and music.

Taito NES/SMS VersionEdit

Large diamond dialogEdit

  • Robby: Hey, I was a great hero at one time. Then I started to lose control of my life and was dependent on my vices. Now, I am just a third-rate character. Go ahead young man, laugh at me!
  • Bubby: Hey, take it easy.
  • Robby: And I was earning a low salary. I couldn't even feed my family. Then I decided...I'm going to change my life. I am going to start all over again.
  • Bubby: Yeah, that's the best thing.
  • Robby: Thank you, young man. I will tell you something as a token of my appreciation. The bosses after this screen are cowardly and all of them use magical powers to hide. If you don't get the crystal ball, they won't appear. Be careful!

Gallery Edit

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