Roc is the boss of Level 60 in Bubble Bobble Part 2. Roc is definitely the hardest boss yet, but in my opinion he's got nothing on the Helicopter. Fortunately, you have the Star potion, that lets all the bubbles you shoot become star bubbles!

Bubble Bobble Part 2 Edit

Phase 1 Edit

This big nosed bird likes to bounce around the screen in diagonal paths and summon two lightning bolts that will cross in the middle of the screen. The lightning is hard to reliably predict (unless you stand still), and the star bubbles you shoot go so far so fast that you can't break in to them by running across the stage like you did with the previous two zone bosses. You'll have to jump into them when Roc is far enough away not to hit you. I suggest not attacking right away, just to get a feel for Roc's pattern, and then frying him with star power. One of the best ways to dodge his lightning is to stay by one edge of the screen and use the wrap around effect - you'll come out on the right, but the lightning will stop at the edge.

Phase 2 Edit

After enough damage has been inflicted, Roc will summon lightning like normal, only he'll end up hitting himself and become an angry, bald, super electrostatically charged chicken who shoots lightning in eight directions from himself. The screen wraparound works here, too, but not as well. Just try to keep up the star barrage, and he'll go down soon enough.

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