Springit is the boss of Level 10 in Bubble Bobble Part 2.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 Edit

This round pits you against your first miniboss, and he can take a lot of hits. He looks easy, and is, but don't let him catch you off guard - like a hoppit, he can jump. However, he can only change direction by running into a wall and can't drop through a floor, so try to get him to jump up high, then run beneath him, jump up, and attack from behind. Hits in the blue area don't register - hit him in the white or in the wind-up screw. After 50 hits (it goes faster than you think, I swear!) Springit will break down, and its pilot - an ordinary Hoppit, will run out. Bubble him, bust him, and say goodbye to the first area!

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