Super Socket
Bubble Bobble Plus! artwork
First appearance Bubble Bobble
Related species UFO
Notable members Lemon
Giant Super Socket
Alternate names Invader
Super Socket, known as Invader ( いんべーだー Inbēdā?) in Japan, is a recurring enemy in the Bubble Bobble series. Super Sockets move quickly forward, and shoot lasers downward, attempting to hit Bub and Bob. In the Bust-A-Move series, they are represented by a red bubble.


Super Sockets are able to fire lasers down at their foes. They move back and forth, shooting lasers whenever they see a foe.


Bubble BobbleEdit

Super Sockets first appear in Bubble Bobble. They move sideways until hitting a wall, firing a laser down occasionally.

Rainbow IslandsEdit

Super Sockets reappear in Rainbow Islands on the last world, Bubble Island. They behave identically to their first appearance.

Parasol StarsEdit

Super Sockets appear in the Cave of Monsters level in Parasol Stars. In this game, they look slightly wider and have differently shaped antennae. A new variation based off of the UFOs from Space Invaders called UFO Socket appears.

Bubble Bobble Part 2Edit

Super Sockets appear in Bubble Bobble Part 2, behaving similarly to their first appearance. They are yellow in this game, and lack antennae.

Bubble Bobble JuniorEdit

Super Sockets reappear in Bubble Bobble Junior. They behave identically to their previous appearances.

Bubble SymphonyEdit

Super Sockets appear as enemies once again in Bubble Symphony. A Giant Super Socket appears as the boss of the TV Machine and Central Park worlds. The Super Socket summons many other Super Sockets that appear in rows, moving back and forth in an homage to Space Invaders.


A Super Socket is the eighth opponent encountered in the Vs. Mode of the SNES verison of Bust-A-Move. They also appear inside the red bubbles in the game.

Bubble MemoriesEdit

Super Sockets appear in Bubble Memories, acting identically to their previous appearances.

Classic Bubble BobbleEdit

Super Sockets appear once again in Classic Bubble Bobble. A giant Super Socket named Lemon appears as the boss of the Moonlight Field world.

Bust-A-Move MillenniumEdit

A Super Socket is the cursor in the main menu of Bust-A-Move Millennium.

Bubble Bobble: Old & NewEdit

Super Sockets recieve a redesign in Bubble Bobble: Old & New. They resemble Space Invaders from the original game more closely, and are more squarelike.

Bubble Bobble RevolutionEdit

Super Sockets reappear in Bubble Bobble Revolution. The fifth boss, Super Socket Mech, is a UFO piloted by three Super Sockets.

Rainbow Islands RevolutionEdit

Super Sockets appear once again in Rainbow Islands Revolution on Bubble Island. They act the same as they do in Rainbow Islands.

Bubble Bobble Double ShotEdit

BBDS SuperSocketScene

Super Sockets in space in Bubble Bobble Double Shot.

Super Sockets appear yet again in Bubble Bobble Double Shot. The seventh boss is a Giant Super Socket. Its eyes and plate on the bottom of its body change color. Bub, Bob, and Bubu must shoot bubbles at the tip of a rocket at the bottom of the stage, which must match the color of the Socket's eyes and plate to harm it.

Bubble Bobble Plus!Edit

Super Sockets reappear in Bubble Bobble Plus!, behaving identically to their other appearances. They have a ridged design in this game, which gives them a more pixel-like appearance.

Bust-A-Move Plus!Edit

A Super Socket is the final opponent faced in the Vs. Mode of Bust-A-Move Plus!.

Bust-A-Move UniverseEdit

A Super Socket is the boss of the Astro-Machine level of Bust-A-Move Universe. It is guarding a dark blue Bubble Dragon.


  • Super Sockets are based off of one of the enemy types appearing in one of Taito's most successful games, Space Invaders, a fact which is further emphasized by their Japanese name, "Invader".


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