Super Sonic Blast Man (スーパーソニックブラストマン Sūpā Sonikku Burasuto Man?), also referred to simply as Sonic Blast Man (ソニックブラストマン Sonikku Burasuto Man?) or SSB, is a character appearing in the Bust-A-Move series. Originating from the Taito-developed arcade title Sonic Blast Man, he has since made appearances in several Bust-A-Move games as a playable character. In Bust-A-Move 3, he is listed as a punching game character, and his arcade game is titled Real Puncher, which unlike most of the other fictional arcade games in Bust-A-Move 3, is a real game released by Taito and the sequel to Sonic Blast Man.

Abilities Edit

Super Sonic Blast Man's signature technique is the Dynamite Punch (ダイナマイトパンチ Dainamaito Panchi?), an extremely powerful technique in which he punches the ground with all of his might, damaging and knocking back any nearby enemies. Sonic Blast Man's other techniques include the Sonic Upper (ソニックアッパー Sonikku Appā?), the Sonic Blast Man Overhead Throw (ソニックブラストマン巴投げ Sonikku Burasuto Man Tomoe Nage?), the Rolling Punch (ローリングパンチ Rōringu Panchi?), the Rolling Sobat (ローリングソバット Rōringu Sobatto?), the Blast Shot (ブラストショット Burasuto Shotto?), the One Hand Through (ワンハンドスルー Wan Hando Surū?), the Giant Swing (ジャイアントスイング Jaianto Suingu?), and the Screw Bomber (スクリューボンバー Sukuryū Bonbā?).

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