Toy Island is the fourth island in Rainbow Islands. The madness continues on Toy Island. Naturally, the aggressive level set by the enemies on the previous island will continue here. On top of that, the enemies can be a little less predictable, forcing you to deal with them immediately instead of trying to plan out your attack. Large gaps occur between sets of platforms. If you can make it through this island in one piece, you will have learned valuable lessons on how to deal with tricky situations that will benefit you throughout the rest of the game.

Enemy list Edit

RI RIR Description Bubble Bobble
Water Gun RI Water Gun Water Gun RIR Water Gun Water guns move back and forth on any particular platform, and occasionally fire squirts of water across the screen. Incendo
Boxing Glove RI Boxing Glove Punchman RIR Punchman The boxing gloves on springs are the other predictable enemy: they bounce in place at one location and never move away. Coiley
Superball RI Superball Skull Ball RIR Skull Ball Light balls bounce along platforms and eventually make their way from the top of the screen to the bottom.

At first, it may seem like there is no difference between light and dark balls, but dark balls have the ability to change the direction they bounce in.

Claw RI Claw Magic Hand RIR Magic Hand These hands are attached to the edges of platforms, and move in and out. Remove them before trying to advance higher. Bubble Buster
Clown RI Clown Pierrot RIR Enemy Pierrot Clowns continuously ricochet off of any surface. They don't actively pursue you, and unlike many enemies, they don't get angry after being on the screen for too long. Nevertheless, they can be quite a nuisance, and should be removed quickly. Beluga
Token RI Token Othello Piece RIR Othello Piece One of the few truly predictable enemies on this island, the othello chips simply float back and forth constantly at one height. Super Socket
Marionette RI Marionette Marionette RIR Marionette Puppets dangle up and down from their strings until they get angry, at which point they free themselves from the strings in order to attack Bubblun or Bobblun. Coiley

Stage List Edit

Round 13 Edit

100 seconds

Round 14 Edit

75 seconds

Round 15 Edit

100 seconds

Round 16 Edit

80 seconds

The boss is Super Pierrot.

Secret Room 4 Edit

Book of Wings: Permanent Flight

Rainbow Islands ExtraEdit

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Doh's Island's enemies and sound effects replacing Toy Island's enemies and music.

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