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  • Kendulun-The-Kihoryu

    Right, just need to get this out because it's seriously bugging me right now.

    Pab & Peb are stared as Bub & Bobs girlfriends. Kululun & Cororon are stated as Bub & Bobs children.

    Sure, it's not been officially proven by Taito, but it's pretty damn obvious if people would just pay attention to the opening cutscene.

    If Taito did mean for Kululun & Cororon to be classed as Bub & Bobs girlfriends after obviously stating that they're the children of the original quartet, then that would be incest. If that were to happen, would Taito be condoning incest? Eww..

    People should just leave it all alone, they're seperate characters, not the same. They have different places in the ever-confusing family tree, but they're in different places.

    Gosh. sorry to come …

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  • Kendulun-The-Kihoryu

    This isn't necessary anymore, ignore it.

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