Willy Whistle
Bubble Bobble Plus! artwork
First appearance Bubble Bobble
Related species Dranko
Notable members Grumple Grommit
Hyper Drunk
Darkness Drunk
Taru P
Alternate names Drunk
"Drunk" redirects here. For the character known as "Drunk" in certain games, see Dreg.
Willy Whistle, known as Drunk (どらんく Doranku?) in Japan, is a recurring enemy in the Bubble Bobble series. Willy Whistles are green robed enemies who carry around a cane and bottle. Willy Whistles throw their bottles at Bub and Bob, which act as boomerangs. In the Bust-A-Move series, they are represented by a green bubble. Instead of having a miscellaneous Willy Whistle represent them like many other enemies do in Bust-A-Move, Willy Whistles are represented by a character named Dreg, who usually looks identical to other Willy Whistles.


Willy Whistles carry around a bottle, which they throw at foes. The bottle acts as a boomerang, which flies towards their foes. It is unknown what liquid is in the bottle, but it is likely alcohol, given their Japanese name.


Bubble BobbleEdit

Willy Whistles first appear in Bubble Bobble. They move back and forth, throwing bottles at Bub and Bob. The final boss, Grumple Grommit, is a giant Willy Whistle.

Rainbow IslandsEdit

Willy Whistles reappear in the last world of Rainbow Islands, Bubble Island. They can shoot out a wave of six bottles in this game.

Bubble Bobble Part 2Edit

Willy Whistles make their third appearance in Bubble Bobble Part 2. They act similarly to their appearance in Bubble Bobble, although they are slightly larger than before. Two Willy Whistles carry away Betty in the intro.

Bubble Bobble JuniorEdit

Willy Whistles appear again in Bubble Bobble Junior. They act and look similar to their appearance in Bubble Bobble Part 2. In the manual for Bubble Bobble Junior, they are known as Borracho.

Bubble SymphonyEdit

Willy Whistles reappear in Bubble Symphony. Along with Grumple Grommit, another Willy Whistle boss named Hyper Drunk is introduced.


A Willy Whistle is the seventh opponent encountered in the Vs. Mode of the SNES version of Bust-A-Move. They also appear inside the green bubbles in the game.

Bubble MemoriesEdit

Willy Whistles appear once again in Bubble Memories. A large wand-carrying Willy Whistle named Taru P is the boss of level 60. Giant Willy Whistles appear on level 65, carrying the Purple Potion.

Bust-A-Move 2Edit

A Willy Whistle named Dreg appears as the final boss of Bust-A-Move 2.

Classic Bubble BobbleEdit

Willy Whistles appear yet again in Classic Bubble Bobble. The boss of the Airship world is a giant Willy Whistle named Melon.

Bubble Bobble: Old & NewEdit

Willy Whistles recieve a minor redesign in Bubble Bobble: Old & New. Their robes are now teal-colored, and they look slightly more human-like.

Bubble Bobble RevolutionEdit

Willy Whistles once again appear in Bubble Bobble Revolution. The final boss, the Willy Whistle Mech, is piloted by three Willy Whistles.

Rainbow Islands RevolutionEdit

Willy Whistles reappear on Bubble Island in Rainbow Islands Revolution. They act identical to their appearance in Rainbow Islands.

Bubble Bobble Double ShotEdit

BBDS WillyWhistleScene

A Willy Whistle standing amongst some giant toys in Bubble Bobble Double Shot.

Willy Whistles appear once again in Bubble Bobble Double Shot. They act identical to their first appearance. The final boss is another Willy Whistle Mech, although it resembles a full Willy Whistle instead of just a head. The stage takes place inside of a Bubble Dragon Mech, which Bub, Bob, and Bubu must control by powering a lightning rod, a waterwheel, and a kiln with Elemental Bubbles.

Bubble Bobble Plus!Edit

Willy Whistles appear in Bubble Bobble Plus!, acting identically to their first appearance. Grumple Grommit reappears as well, acting as the final boss of Classic Mode.

Bust-A-Move Plus!Edit

A Willy Whistle is the seventh opponent faced in the Vs. Mode of Bust-A-Move Plus!.

Bust-A-Move UniverseEdit

A Willy Whistle is the final boss of Bust-A-Move Universe. It is fought in the Providence level, guarding an orange Bubble Dragon.

Notable Willy WhistlesEdit

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  • In Europe, Willy Whistles are known as Bonner.